RightFit 3D Immediate Dentures

It can be frustrating having teeth that hurt and can no longer be saved with traditional Dentistry but you are not alone. RightFit is here to help. If your teeth have to be removed and you want a new smile to wear that same day, an immediate denture is right for you. At only $399ea plus extractions you can afford to improve your health and well being. 

RightFit 3D permanent Dentures

Advanced scanning and 3D printed base and monolithic teeth. Cloud storage for easy replacement. Made on-site in our lab. A quality product at an affordable price. Usually completed in 2 appointments. These are replacement dentures and you must have an acceptable denture for scanning.$899ea 
Not covered by Dental insurance

Dental insurance dentures

Must be predetermined for insurance coverage.

Sent to an off-site insurance lab. Materials and quality vary. Prices are subject to insurance coverage and co-payments. Can take up to 6 months for completion.